Amor Fati

from by Prolific

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Verse 1:

Last night,
I met a wise man,
crow's feet in the corner of his eyes,
and he told me, (and he told me)
that a storm was on the rise,
And for the rain he gave me a glass coffin,
So I could watch spring fall and grass blossom…
…So I could stare at the drops,
in the same way other men stare at their watch…
I learned to never miss a passing scene……
and that the sky was the colour of gasoline…
that, twists and turns, holds and then breaks,
and drifts like smoke on a lake…. love your fate….

Send me a farewell, send me a rose,
Send me a gravelled covered in snow,
and with my last words, I'll patiently pray,
Give me my fate then take me away,

Verse 2:

No one wants to be crucified, they just want glory,
but without struggle there is no story,
....Without wrong there is no right,
Without dark there is no light......
So when faced with the blood-dimmed tide,
On a red november night when the sun drips wine, 
I remind myself of what I've learned
The right to life must be earned...
I been, beaten and battered, repeatedly shattered,
and made a fool of in front of all the people that mattered,
Left on a cross, pinned up, chin up, spread,
little flowers on the ground where my broken hands bled...


Verse 3:

I see it in the eyes of the love of my life,
and I've felt it in the touch that ignites,
…the moment till there's nothing but light,
so if you've come to take me I've come for the fight…
and I see hope in the broken little pieces of my heart,
that I put back together until my pain was an art,
….a blade made in the shape of the dark,
that can cut through nightfall and break it apart, (echo)
…I stand strong for my family name,
and beats the odds in the end like andy dufraine,
Passing the flame, straight from a path in the rain,
…..I broke through that glass coffin and my sanity came…..
…and every dream took shape in my hands,
like my forefathers before me who slaved for the land,
….and you can see it in the way that I stand….
The patience and greatness made from the grace of a man-
Who refuses to step down when the battle is done…
Even when his blood drips down the back of his tongue,
….Who keeps on walking when nothing is left,
and mutters words of hope from under his breathe….
Who cuts the albatross down from the chain on his neck,
and acts with love and treats every day with respect,
Who weathers the storm, til it suddenly breaks…
Until the smoke clears and reveals the sun on the lake…
So say I'm depressed, say I'm self-involved,
But realize this record ain't about myself at all,
Cuz everyone's pressed against the wall,
and if I help myself then it helps us all……


from Amor Fati, released November 5, 2015
Lyrics: Prolific
Chorus Melody: James Pew
Production: William Rideout
Additional Instrumentation: Violin - Ilana MacDonald
Mixing: William Rideout
Mastering: Vlad Romanov



all rights reserved


Prolific Toronto, Ontario

Prolific (William Rideout) has been a music personality and performer for the past 10 years. At heart both a writer and performer, Prolific combines his talent in both arts through the use of hip hop music. Along his path he has masterfully developed his craft, but perhaps more importantly, the non-stop ride since he embraced music has led him down the road less travelled. ... more

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