Jenn Setts: A Return

from by Prolific

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Verse 1:
I come from a place where time won't pass,
and christian families still gather for midnight mass,
A world I left and never looked back,
But that I feel under my skin as if my blood was black,
I hear my name called --> which I try to ignore,
….But I can't ignore that shadow that hides on the floor,
That shadow follows me, at times it makes me sick,
and no matter what I do… the shadow won't lift,
Last fall I returned - to try and face my past,
and pick up the fragments I found scattered in the grass,
Different parts of my self, I didn't think could last,
Parts I'd barely known that had vanished all too fast,
I felt as I had often felt - dead - close to numb,
With the clamped down oppression insisting I hold my tongue,
The sun-fading dark insisting to spread across the land,
and across my neck I felt the brush of her pale hands….

We made my love and I be-neath the weeping willow,
But now alone I lie the tree it weeps with me...

Verse 2:
Bitter sweet november, I felt her presence close,
like hands around my neck, then felt them letting go,
...From afar, a figure floating in the mist,
moving like the ocean as it rose from the abyss,
This, pale princess dancing in the moonlight,
deep cuts in her arms just to get the mood-right,
Sitting in the park by the pigeons at dusk,
a vision of lust, a risk, a step towards and into the dust,
Jenn, the same Jenn I'd known from years before,
Jenn, who's song I had sung for years while out on tour,
28-now but just as I remembered,
Jenn with black-lipstick drawn on tight to the letter,
Delusional and dark, beautiful and smart,
A red violin playing music in the park,
A lucid dream ending with Judas in the dark,
and to pain nothing short of a student of the art...
Nomenclature nonsense pulp fiction throwback,
prozac pills prescribed, a bottle marked kodak,
I only wanted just a little, but she had to have it all,
On a pale moon night in the middle of the fall,
Let us fall… let us fall…


Verse 3:
She said, "come with me beside the willow where I weep"
Follow my path to the pillow where I sleep,
Keys in the lock, a door with red trim,
A solitary flat, lights flickering dim,
On the ground lay a tattered dress, on the wall a mask of death,
…Demon's of the Flesh open with... 7 chapters left,
and she stared at me with those sad sullen eyes,
Tattoos of black butterflies rising to her upper thighs,
Her gaze a disease that creeps under your skin,
The touch of her skin enough to spill the blood of a king,
and I saw myself as nothing but the hunter of sin,
When the hunter is thin and feeling the hunger within,
Willing to surrender like I did to a life of art,
and let her wrench the jack knife that lies beside my heart,
and turn it like the memories together alone on the bus,
and the stories that we'd share during the moments of dusk,
Beneath the weeping willow, in a romantic embrace,
where I would indulge in a dream that I was passing away,
I'd misplaced so many feelings on the visions I'd seen,
and paid a bitter price for living in a dream….
But those days are long past, I'd since become a man,
10 years changes you in a way it's hard to understand,
I watched Jenn staring at the wall watching the paint decay,
Until she took my hand sometime at the break of day,
and said, You can be adam and I can be eve,
and we'll both tell our story in the dream that we weave,
And if you believe everything we say can be true,
We can forget all the regrets, all the hurt you ever knew,
FUCK ME underneath the willow until your married to the pain,
…Let's share our poison like a needle buried in the vein,
So I held her in my arms, and within a sudden sullen note,
Ran a blade along her neck and calmly… cut….. her…. throat,


from Amor Fati, released November 5, 2015
Lyrics: Prolific
Hook Vocals performed by: Brigitte Naggar
Production: William Rideout
Mixing: William Rideout
Mastering: Vlad Romanov



all rights reserved


Prolific Toronto, Ontario

Prolific (William Rideout) has been a music personality and performer for the past 10 years. At heart both a writer and performer, Prolific combines his talent in both arts through the use of hip hop music. Along his path he has masterfully developed his craft, but perhaps more importantly, the non-stop ride since he embraced music has led him down the road less travelled. ... more

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