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I'm still alive, man it pays to be resilient,
Staring at these faces on the buildings,
Business man grin so ill making millions -
These are the types that like to paint me as the villain,
But I'm thankful I've been given a chance,
to play that role for them cuz to live is to dance…
and whether it's with the devil or with an angel,
...I seduce to put bread upon the table,

I've been indoctrinated - changed and intoxicated,
complicated, my actions taken out and moderated,
God forsaken, huh, thrown to the curb,
not even given a chance to own what I earned,
So fuck this world… as it slowly turns,
I hate this place, I hope that it burns…..
….I need something I can believe in,
..but there's nothing but dust lust and the precinct,

So welcome to my world - I invite y'all in,
Let's night walk tonight with the lights all dim,
and drink wine and scrawl off poems…
and escape this place we all call home.

Verse 2:
Starting to see how my suicidal idols felt,
it's a problem I think I've got it inside myself,
I'm looking at the cards here that I've been dealt,
How the hand plays - well only time will tell.
In this game of chance I'm trying to beat lottery,
It's either that or find myself up for free lobotomy,
so with the time I have I'm trying to read philosophy,
and breathe the odyssey like my life was greek mythology,

I went to school with the sons of aristocrats……
who supplied drugs to thugs rocking fitted caps,
…..Coke died white n cut with a little glass…..
Then sold to the sons of the middle class,
……I watched corruption trickles it's way down,
now me and the devil we live in the same town,
…..I've seen humanity right at it's best,
With a smile for the camera and a knife in ya chest….

I used to think I was the Phoenix but the phoenix is dead,
Now i find myself fighting over pieces of bread…
fighting over decent sleep and seeking a bed,
to lay my weary soul and bring peace to my head,
but all I see if flash backs of a villain,
who escaped from the shackles that had him trapped and imprisoned….
Who's back in abandon buildings, stabbing backs for a living,
attacking randomly killing all passive passing civilians,

he came to take me I but came to beats the odds,
…and I'll be fighting as long as I know that he's still at large,
cuz I came to beat the laws of this physical vessel,
to reach beyond what I was given on this primitive level,
So give me the pedals of the mystic n kiss goodbye,
n excuse while I kiss the sky…….. see…….
....this whole world's a sham..

Welcome to my world - I invite y'all in,
Let's night walk tonight with the lights all dim,
and drink wine and scrawl off poems…
and escape this place we all call home.


from Amor Fati, released November 5, 2015
Lyrics: Prolific
Additional Vocal Work: James Pew and Duke Buzzy
Production: Prolific and James Pew
Mixing: Prolific and James Pew
Mastering: Freddy Gabrsek



all rights reserved


Prolific Toronto, Ontario

Prolific (William Rideout) has been a music personality and performer for the past 10 years. At heart both a writer and performer, Prolific combines his talent in both arts through the use of hip hop music. Along his path he has masterfully developed his craft, but perhaps more importantly, the non-stop ride since he embraced music has led him down the road less travelled. ... more

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