The Dawn

from by Prolific

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Verse 1:

When I die man, I'll wake up dreaming,
with the air so fresh that I can taste the season,
u see them planes passing overhead,
that's a sign of where we're going next, (ha)
Coloured skies'll be the palette that I paint with,
cuz lately I'm convinced we're all gonna make it,
The greys and blacks are green, silence speaks - my mind is open,
The light that flashes through the trees is blinding, time is frozen,
The wedding bells chime singing for the bride and groom,
I watch from up above sitting where the violets bloom,
Where the rain falls up, and the sky drinks the drops,
Where people practice the mix of thought Davinci taught,
I took a chance so I could find my heart at play,
The same chance my girl took to love me in my darkest days,
so I learned love my fate to take the burden on,
and learned that pain was life but something I could work beyond,


Ships sink slow, let the chips falls as they may,
Black and white keys lie waiting on display,
Angels are falling, the sky crimson red,
The pendulum swings, held by a thread,

Verse 2:

Found myself lost - washed ashore in the crystal sands,
Now I rise again in the blend, and take this step as a different man,
In the valley of dark and light, in a moment of now and then,
In the life of enlightened souls that balance time between Tao and Zen,
….. No crown on my head left fighting giants like my name was David,
Living a lifetime of praise until my days are faded….
Took the time to make the world around me open wide,
...Planting seeds in the same place other-men-go-to die…
Nothing but a melody sing that song, keep on living till the gift is gone,
Til the wind is calm, looking out at the ships at dawn,
Every single line curving in perfection,
Captured in an instant, every person and impression,
The unadulterated vision, life is prolific,
An all-encompassing abundance given out with no limits,
The strength, the beauty, the struggle, the break,
All the changing visions that come to mind when I wake…





from Amor Fati, released November 5, 2015
Lyrics: Prolific
Hook Performed by: Jen Richardson
Production: William Rideout
Additional Instrumentation: Violin - Ilana MacDonald
Mixing: William Rideout
Mastering: Vlad Romanov



all rights reserved


Prolific Toronto, Ontario

Prolific (William Rideout) has been a music personality and performer for the past 10 years. At heart both a writer and performer, Prolific combines his talent in both arts through the use of hip hop music. Along his path he has masterfully developed his craft, but perhaps more importantly, the non-stop ride since he embraced music has led him down the road less travelled. ... more

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